3 easy ways to improve your posture

Did you know, that posture has an impact not only on your spine, but also on your function and overall health? The main symptoms of poor posture, besides rounded shoulders, back and neck pain, can include: muscle fatigue, headaches, shallow breathing, and more. However, it is never too late to correct your posture for standing, sitting and lying down and feel better and healthier. Our spine surgeon in Palm Beach County will describe how you can improve your body position in 3 simple steps.

  1. Be aware of your posture

Pay attention to your posture. You must be aware of your body position all the time – at home, at work, while you are standing, sitting and lying down. Check your posture, how you are holding your body, in particular when you are sedentary for a long period of time. Keep in mind, that good posture is a habit. That means, you need to learn a new habit and focus on it until it becomes natural. Take notice of when and where you are feeling pain, difficulty in doing some movements or even loss of mobility. Pain is a body signal that occurs when something is wrong and has been damaged. That’s why it is very important to be able to see the body signs and alerts before the pain becomes severe and intense.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you should contact a spine specialist or make a consultation with our orthopedic spine surgeon in Palm Beach County. He will, firstly, properly determine the cause of pain and then customize an effective treatment.   

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2. Straighten up

“Straighten up” doesn’t mean a “do a military stance”. Most people imagine standing tall like a soldier with the chest puffed out, and shoulders and back stiff and pulled back. Which is actually not a good posture.  So, how to stand up tall properly? First of all, you should feel relaxed and easy, do not force yourself to feel tense and unnatural. Here are some tips how to stand properly:

  • hold your head straight – don’t push your head forward, backward, or to the side
  • stand with your shoulders pulled backwards
  • keep your knees slightly bent
  • tuck your stomach in
  • keep your ears over the middle of your shoulders
  • let your arms hang down naturally
  • don’t let your hips or buttocks stick out

Moreover, you should remember about keeping the right posture while you are sitting, especially when you are working by the desk. Don’t forget to adjust your work environment, such as adjusting your monitor height and distance, and adjusting your chair. When you sit, push your hips as far back into your chair as possible and sit up straight with your feet plave on the floor. Try to sit this way not only at work, but also in the car and at home.

Here you can find more information about maintaining good posture.

3. Do some simple exercises and stretching

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can really harm your spine. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect training your back. It doesn’t have to be long, or complicated. Even simple stretching exercises, such as walking, swimming or yoga for at least 10 minutes a day can help improve your overall health and your posture. Regular exercise can strengthen the support muscles in your back and stomach and improve your posture.

Do not forget about your neck! Stretch your neck muscles systematically by turning your head from one side to another, or moving in small circles. Even simple head movements can help loosen tight neck muscles that may affect good posture.  

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