38 yo with sciatica and L5/S1 HNP

Case review: 38 yo with leg pain (sciatica), numbness, and weakness which failed to improve with medications, steroid injections and therapy. Preoperative MRI demonstrates large L5/S1 disc herniation compressing the traversing S1 nerve root.


Pre-operative MRI

preopMRI - 38 yo with sciatica and L5/S1 HNP



Patient was treated with a microdiscectomy through a minimally invasive endoscopic approach involving a small 20mm incision. This permits thorough decompression of the nerve with minimal soft tissue disruption in an outpatient setting and facilitates rapid recovery. The patient had resolution of leg pain and weakness and returned to full activities including work and sports without restrictions.


Intra-opertative X-ray and a photo of MicroEndoscopic Discectomy (MED) procedure: 

dicectomy.lateral 300x300 - 38 yo with sciatica and L5/S1 HNP  discectomy.pic  300x225 - 38 yo with sciatica and L5/S1 HNP