Are You Doing These 3 Unhealthy Quarantine Practices That Damage The Spine?

Are you stuck at home because of the quarantine, or forced to work-from-home in a cramped space? According to our spine surgeon in Palm Beach County, being sedentary during this quarantine can have a negative impact on your physical health. Aside from increasing the risk of lifestyle diseases, it can also hurt your spine.

With the threat of COVID-19 at everyone’s door, we need to be extra careful not to develop another health problem. Our orthopedic spine surgeon in Fort Lauderdale warns of the unhealthy practices that patients might have been doing while in quarantine, which may actually damage the spine. 

1. Sitting on the couch for too long

How many hours have you sat down to watch Netflix during the quarantine? Experts said that sitting on the sofa for two hours or more can cause tissue fatigue and overload on the spine that can lead to back problems and tightness around the hips and thighs. If you keep this up, some spinal structures might be damaged.

Experts from the World Health Organization highly recommended that you exercise for 150 minutes (moderately intense) or 75 minutes (vigorous) every week to avoid a sedentary lifestyle during the quarantine. A sedentary lifestyle puts more pressure on the spine. 

2. Using an “improvised” work-from-home area

Quarantine forces employees to work from home, but many are using improvised desks and chairs that aren’t good for the back. Ideally, you need to work on a desk that keeps your shoulders and hips aligned. If your chair is not comfortable on the back, roll up a large towel and put it on the lower back for better lumbar support and cushion. 

Proper posture is important. You should avoid hunching over while typing or sitting at your work-from-home area as it can trigger back pain after a few hours. Ideally, you need to take breaks from your work desk, stand up, stretch, roll your shoulders, and shake your fingers, hands, and legs. Do this after finishing an hour of work.

If you have the resources and space, it might be better to create a make-shift standing desk where you can do some stretches and light workouts while still working from home. 

3. Put down the device once in a while

Looking down on your phone or tablet may be another reason for your back pain. This habit actually causes poor posture that may hurt your spine. These devices help you stay connected to the outside world via the internet during this lockdown. However, it’s also good to rest and put them down once in a while. If you really need to use your phone, hold it at the front of your face so that you won’t have to look down all the time. 

The treatment for spine-related concerns can be through surgical or non-surgical means. Which usually depends on the severity of the condition. If you are suffering from any form of back pain or discomfort, consult Dr. Matthew Hepler. He is a leading expert in the treatment of spinal injuries and diseases.

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