Back Pain Facts and Statistics

Did you know that about 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any moment and what’s more, around  80% of the population suffers from spinal pain at a time? To make you realize how important paying attention to your spine and treating your back pain properly is, our spine surgeon in Palm Beach County, Dr. Matthew Hepler, prepared a number of interesting facts and statistics about back pain. 

1. Did you know that  back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide? It prevents many people from engaging in everyday life, including work and other daily activities. 

2. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work and corresponds for over 264 million lost work days in one year. That is 2 work days for every full-time worker in the States. 

3. Regardless of age, back pain can have an impact on people of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly.

4. Did you know that back pain is the third most common reason to see the doctor, after joint and skin disorders?

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5. In most cases, back pain is mechanical or non-organic, which means, not caused by serious conditions, like infection, fractures, inflammatory arthritis, or cancer

6. Did you know that more and more people live for many years with disorders caused by low back pain? Years lived with that have increased by 54% between 1990 and 2015.

7. Diabetes, heart disease, and back pain dominate US health care spending. Lower back pain alone costs Americans at least $50 billion in health care costs each year, excluding lost wages and decreased productivity, which would increase the cost to over $100 billion. 

8. You can recover from lower back pain. However, for some people, recurrence is common and what’s worse, the condition may become chronic.

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