Case Example 10

59 yo woman with brucellosis infection and progressive kyphosis and myelopathy.

Case review: 59 yo woman who developed brucellosis infection of thoracic spine with destruction of the T10 and 11 vertebral bodies resulting in progressive kyphosis, cord compression and paraplegia with bowel and bladder dysfunction. Preop xray and MRI demonstrate thoracic kyphosis measuring 75 degrees with collapse/resorption of the T9 and 10 vertebral bodies and vertebral translocation T9/11.


Pre-operative Xray and MRI pictures:

DKpreopAP 131x300 - Case Example 10DK.sagital.mri  e1511786070744 216x300 - Case Example 10


The patient was treated anterior vertebral body resection and reconstruction with vascularized rib graft and fibular strut allograft followed by posterior fusion and instrumentation of the thoracic spine. Post op xrays demonstrate restoration of physiologic thoracic kyphosis and spinal balance and complete recovery of lower extremity strength and bowel and bladder function.


Post-operative AP/LAT Xrays:

DK.postop.AP  148x300 - Case Example 10DK.postop.lateral 127x300 - Case Example 10