Case Example 9

54 yo male with ankylosing spondylitis and progressive kyphosis.

Case review: 54 yo male with ankylosing spondylitis and with progressive kyphotic spinal deformity. He developed a worsening rigid forward stooping posture where he was unable to gaze forward, decreased ability to ambulate, and chronic disabling back pain. Preop xrays and picture demonstrate sagittal imbalance with thoracic kyphosis measuring 88 degrees, lumbosacral lordosis 8 degrees, PI 62 (mismatch of 52 degrees) and SVA >30 cm with a fixed forward stooping posture.

Pre-operative Xrays

IDpreop.lateral.pic  129x300 - Case Example 9 IDpreoplateral 150x300 - Case Example 9

Post-operative Xrays
The patient was treated with a pedicle subtraction osteotomy involving resection of the L3 vertebral body and posterior spinal fusion and instrumentation from the T10 to the sacrum. Postop xrays demonstrate correction of kyphosis with LS curve measuring 54 degrees lordosis and restoration of spinal balance with SVA below 12 cm and normalization of chin brow angle.

IDpostopAPjpg 108x300 - Case Example 9 IDpostop.lateral 125x300 - Case Example 9