How Poor Posture Can Cause Neck Pain

Did you know that frequent headaches and discomfort around the neck may be due to poor posture? If you’re slouching and keeping your head forward or down most of the time, then neck muscles could build pressure that could eventually take its toll.

According to our spine doctor in Fort Lauderdale, chronic poor posture can lead to long-lasting damage which can impact your health and well-being. Thus, it pays to understand and observe good posture at all times to avoid neck pain and other nuances that could become major discomforts in your daily life.

Correct Posture for the Neck

When it comes to the neck, the most ideal posture whether you’re standing or sitting down is to have the ears aligned to the position of the shoulders so that your head is directly resting on it. The shoulders must be set on the back with the chest wide and open.

This is usually the most natural and neutral position for the head, neck, and shoulders that do not cause any stress on the neck muscles. You know you have the right posture when you don’t feel the weight of your head as it balances on the spine.

On the other hand, when you keep your head slightly slanted forward than your shoulders, then you could feel more stress and tension around your neck. This incorrect posture can lead to a musculoskeletal distortion that you might initially not notice until it becomes bothersome and unbearable.

Neck Problems and Other Issues Due to Poor Posture

If you experience the signs and symptoms of the following neck conditions, consult an orthopedic specialist for a thorough evaluation and course of treatment.

Muscle Spasm

It’s fairly common to experience muscle spasms around the neck when you have poor posture. This condition is described as the sudden tightening and stiffness of the neck muscles that may make it difficult and painful to turn or move your neck.

According to Harvard Health, a muscle spasm has no clear cause but it could be due to many factors, such as an injury, a nerve problem or even emotional stress. Poor posture can also lead to a crick in the neck and the pain could last for days.

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve can occur when the neck is compressed or in an awkward posture for a long time. The pain may sometimes travel towards the shoulders and arms and it could be accompanied by a sharp pain, a tingling sensation, or a general weakness of the arm, shoulder and hands, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Stress on the Spine/Back Pain

Keeping your head in the forward position brings more weight to the cervical spine. So, sometimes you develop pain in the back along with your neck pain. According to a study in the journal Applied Ergonomics, poor posture could actually double or triple the weight that the surgical spine supports, which explains the back problem. 

Correcting Poor Posture 

Physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to correct poor posture. A  licensed physical therapist can teach you the right way to sit, stand, walk and move without putting added strain on your neck. Undergoing physical therapy regularly will also enable you to know the right exercises that can ease up muscle tension that can prevent painful episodes in the future. You could also develop posture control to stabilize your posture with the help of a physical therapist.

Remember, your posture has an impact not only on your spine, but also on your function and overall health. If you would like to know more about how you can fix your bad posture, read our article about 3 ways to improve your posture.

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