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Scoliosis & Spine Surgery Books

  • Scoliosis Surgery: The Definitive Patient’s Reference 3rd Edition by David K. Wolpert.
    Excelllent book for the adult scoliosis patient and family preparing for scoliosis surgery.
  • Stopping Scoliosis: The Complete Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment (Paperback) by Nancy Schommer.
    An older but well known book with lots of practical information and advice for the teenage patient with scoliosis, written by a scoliosis patient herself.
  • Preparing for Surgery by Jim Reeves.
  • Deenie by Judy Blume.
    Older but well read book which relates trials and tribulations of adolescent girl being diagnosed and treated for scoliosis.
  • There’s an S on My Back: S is for Scoliosis by Mary Mahoney.
    Told in the first person relates the experience of a 5th grade girl as she goes through the journey of the diagnosis and treatment (bracing) of scoliosis.

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