Sports that Cause the Most Spine Injuries

Over half of all serious injuries in contact sports are C-Spine injuries. Spine injuries can have serious, long-lasting effects, so awareness is essential so you can take preventive measures to reduce the risk of injury. 

This article will address the most common sports that are susceptible to injuries to the spine. 


Because of the force and speed required in the sport, football players are at high risk of spinal injuries. Protective equipment is the most important way to prevent spinal cord injuries. 

Also, football players must avoid using the head as a leading point of attack. Athletes should use their shoulders or arms to tackle to reduce the risk of spinal injury. 


Hockey players are at risk of spinal injury, but good protective equipment is often very effective in preventing injury. When hockey players keep their heads upright while on the ice, they can also help reduce the spine’s injury risk. 


Cheerleading involves many flips, jumps, and dangerous stunts. The routines put cheerleaders at risk for injuries to the spine. 

Because there is no protective equipment, the best way to prevent injury is to build cervical and spinal muscle strength to reduce the risk of injury. 


With diving, one wrong move or incorrect position can lead to serious injury to the athlete. Divers are at risk and need to carefully spot before they dive, so not to hit the diving board.

As with cheerleading, there is no protective equipment to reduce the risk of spinal injury, so focusing on form and building muscle strength around the spine are important to prevent injury. 


The nature of the sport of wrestling puts athletes at risk due to the holds and force required during matches. Stay physically fit and use proper form to reduce the risk of spinal injury. 

Skiing and Snowboarding

The fast velocity of skiing and snowboarding puts athletes at risk for spinal injury. Helmets help to reduce the risk of neck injury. Athletes can further reduce the risk of injury by doing exercises to strengthen the spine and neck and using proper form on the slopes. 


Cyclists often race at fast speeds and make quick maneuvers, putting them at risk for falls. By wearing a helmet, cyclists can help to decrease the risk of serious injuries. 

The position cyclists often have when riding can put them at risk for injury as they usually are seated with a curvature, looking ahead, and leaning downward. The more they can sit upright and look straight ahead, they can minimize the risk of injury to the neck. 

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