Top 10 tips for a healthy spine and pain-free back [guide]

Most people are not conscious about the importance of their spine until they experience neck or back pain. Then they realize how important a healthy spine is. Today Dr. Hepler, our spine surgeon in Boynton Beach will share 10 easy tips to keep your spine healthy, prevent back and neck pain and simply have a healthier and happier life! 

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1.Improve your posture 

Whether you are sitting or standing, always pay attention to your posture. Poor posture is a common issue amongst people. It’s important to maintain good ergonomic posture while you are sitting, or standing. Remember to not hunch – stand or sit up straight and keep your ear, shoulder and hip aligned.

2. Stay active 

It doesn’t have to be a 1 hour intense workout. Exercise 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Whatever you like swimming, walking, biking or going to the gym, just be active. Regular walking, exercising and stretching are the best exercise routines for your back and neck. Additionally, those will improve your overall health!

3. Sleep comfortable and choose the best sleep position

Dr. Hepler, the spine surgeon in Delray Beach, generally recommends sleeping on your back or side. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleep on your side or back to keep the spine aligned.  Sleeping on your stomach twists your neck and puts too much pressure on your spine. Also remember about proper sleeping supplies such as a mattress and pillow that allow your spine to rest in a supported and comfortable way. If you experience lower back pain after sleeping, check out our article “Why does your back hurt in the morning?”. to find out about the causes of morning back and neck pain and also tips to prevent your neck and back from aching. 

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4. Eat healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet plays a role when it comes to your spine. Right nutrients help your body repair itself faster and easier, whilst keeping your weight down. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water, at least eight glasses of pure water every day, as it is important for your whole body, including the spine. 

5. Quit smoking 

Smoking affects almost all tissues and systems in the body, including your spine! Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrients your cells receive. Also, it reduces your bone density, thus increasing the risk of obtaining a fracture. 

6. Maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight or obese are risk factors for lower back pain. That’s why, it is crucial to keep a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a balanced diet, exercising and getting enough sleep. In particular, overweight patients are more likely to experience lower back problems than patients at a healthy weight level. Regular exercise and, if necessary, weight loss, can help ease existing back problems and prevent future ones.

7. Lift heavy objects correctly

Remember to estimate the weight of the object, which will be lifted as your back muscles are not designed for extreme weight. Always bend from the legs, not from your back. Stand as close to the object as possible and use yours knees and legs rather than your back. Also, it is important to not overload your backpack, purse or wallet.

8.Use your mobile phone with right posture in right way

What does it mean? It means to NOT slouch and peer down at your phone or other device. Sit up and keep device at eye level to reduce neck and back stress. Avoid putting the phone between your neck and shoulder –  use a hands-free device or loud speakers, instead.  

9. Improve your core strength

Your core muscles, which are your lower back and abdominal muscles, play an important role for your spine. They need to be strong as they give your spine support and take pressure off of your lower back. Improving your core strength is also essential for keeping good posture and helping reduce back pain. 

10. Consult a spine specialist

Don’t ignore persistent neck or back pain! Left untreated, the condition can worsen, causing chronic pain and more serious back problems. If you suffer from back pain, or would like some advice on how to care for you spine, contact our spine expert.

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